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Preparation for DS MoonShell Movies in DPG

NDSL is capable of playing movies with the homebrew applications developed for different types of clip formats. One of them is DPG, which is for MoonShell. Think back in previous time when I wanted to convert clips format to of different types, I used Super Convertor; it can transform among most of the common types, and most importantly, it is a freeware :) See their official website here.
However I find that the software ( (Mar 22, 2008)) does not support Vista Home Premium at all. It turned my pc into a bluescreen with lots of words, and before I finished reading the first line, it reboot itself automatically. Perhaps anyone of you could share more information on this.
Since my current objective is to convert to MoonShell compatible clip format, someone actually recommended BatchDPG, a simple yet good tool for the only one type of transcoding.
Image linked from CitizenDeleted-Dot-ComTo use the software, you need to install AviSynth and MS .NET 1.1 prior to the installati…


All this while, I had been looking for an ebook reader for my NDSL with chinese encoding support. After a few attempts, I find that DSLibris is sort of what I am looking for.

PIC: EBook reading using DSLibris vertically (

The part that made me struggled the most is that DSLibris supports only *.xhtml and *.xht formats. I find myself not that talented in transforming my utf-8 *.txt files into xhtml with AbiWord and HTML Tidy and HTML-Kit. A little bit frustration pushed me towards to explore the manual that comes together with DSLbris in *.xht format. I notice that the structure of the content is rather easy to be implied on my *.txt files.

Let's make a simple and effective example. Say you want to have an ebook of title "Matt Is Cool", and the content of the book is as simple as "Yes we all do agree". What you need to do is,

1. Open up your notepad.
2. Key in below:


Hallo Nintendo

At last, I bought myself a real toy.

I went to Ikano again on 9th of March Sunday, visiting the gaming shop opposite the Popular bookstore. By seeing my sincerity and inner script saying "okay, you don't have to give too much discount but don't make me feel like i'm fooled", the boss is kind enough to offer me the ndsl in black at rm550. On the day, I brought back the ndsl and a black pouch at extra rm25.

My ndsl was far from being practically playable, it still needs its friends Miss Flashcard, Edge and Mr MicroSD, which I have both ordered online separately.

However, things went badly when the website I ordered Edge informed me that the card is out of stock unexpectedly, and I have to choose to either keep waiting, choose to get N5, another card from R4 family, or to get refunded. To not further waiting for the possibly long delivery, I chose to cancel the order. The procedure is rather simple, write them an email, and I saw the money in my account next day. I rec…

Treasure Hunt - NDSL

I cant really describe how long I have been dreaming of getting an NDSL. In fact, it appeared to be part of a leisure conversation with someone, then all of the sudden it grew up into a burning desire that pushed me towards the NDSL hunt on last Sunday in Ikano. (Don't ask me why Ikano. Thanks.)

First I approached the shop located at level2 right opposite the Popular book store. The place looked decent, and so did the boss and his nasi lemak. NDSL + R4 + 1gb memory card + screen protector + some free downloaded games, he offered it at rm800 after discount, or rm860 for the package with m3real + 2gb memory card. I expected to pay only rm750 max for the toy. But what's funny, I almost buy from the guy despite of the price :D

After taking lunch in RedBox, I then went to another shop in Cathay, which sells only console at rm560, and he doesn't sell any flashcard. The treasure hunt came to the real end after watching a movie, when I finally decided to leave the treasure for anoth…