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What does HOCK mean?
# Hock (wine), a type of wine
# Hock (zoology), part of an animal’s leg

I realized that this word refers to something so great to those who loves wine, and perhaps food. But I personally was led by god to FEEL the word the deepest with the bestest bestest way, by stepping on a broken glass within 1 minute after I woke up early in the morning on the first day of CNY.


Hello Celcom Broadband

17th Feb 2008, Sunday
Been struggling for a while with Izzi broadband at my area. People said Kelana Jaya is a highly congested place, with the internet performance averagely below what you can get from other places. An average speed of 300kbps, which when during peak hours it’ll go extremely down to 10kbps (when it’s 0kbps, I persuade myself that someone is doing maintenance or upgrading, so it’s not counted), while the highest speed I’ve ever seen with Izzi is 500kbps, and it happens once is a whatever-color-moon. This brought me the thought of getting Celcom broadband. After a long period of self counseling, i finally registered a Celcom postpaid account for Celcom Broadband d98 package at The Curve BlueCube center on the day, and ordered a BlueCube modem from Johor, which is very expensive T_T~Why Celcom instead of Maxis?~
Maxis provides 3.6Mbps as well as Celcom at the same price RM98. The difference is that at this price, Maxis included a modem for rental to the…